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The Center for the Business of Health (CBOH) Career Networks Program is your one-stop destination for navigating the intersection of business and health. As the healthcare sector evolves, so do the career prospects for UNC students, and the CBOH is here to guide them through the many opportunities.

What sets CBOH Career Networks apart? Seven core industry verticals were carefully chosen based on current healthcare career data and student interests. From Healthcare Consulting to Digital Health, Technology, and Health Innovation, the program covers the spectrum. These verticals act as gateways for students to delve into specific areas that resonate with their aspirations. But it’s not just about the verticals; it’s about the experience. CBOH Career Networks thrives on three core components – Explore, Connect, and Learn. These components work harmoniously to provide a holistic understanding of the business of health.

View a one-pager about CBOH Career Networks at this link!