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C3 Newsletter
Carolina Career Community
January 2022

Have a Healthy & Safe Spring Semester!

Welcome back to UNC-Chapel Hill and welcome to the New Year!  We hope that our community members had a restful and rejuvenating holiday break.  Without a doubt, there is plenty of uncertainty before us, but the start of the year is always a special time on our campus.  As Chancellor Guskiewicz stated in his welcome back to campus message, as we all settle into new routines and navigate a changing environment in the coming weeks, please take care of yourself and each another.”


Invitation to Join C3 Committee

Have you considered joining C3 committee?  C3 committee is looking for new members to broaden its representation across the university.  Its purpose is to plan programming for C3 at large.  C3 committee generally meets bi-weekly for one hour and its members can expect to spend 1-2 additional hours per month for committee work.  Candidates must be present C3 members.  If interested in learning more, please contact C3 planning committee chair.


Tell Your Students!


Mark Your Calendars!

Career Services practitioners are invited to learn about the Global Guarantee and it’s impact on UNC students’ collegiate experience.  The Global Guarantee is Carolina’s promise that a global education is available to every student. By offering students the best menu of global education opportunities possible, the Global Guarantee helps Carolina students fulfill their potential to become the next generation of global leaders, with the global knowledge, skills and mindset to address the world’s greatest challenges. Education abroad remains central to the Global Guarantee, but reduced travel during the pandemic has accelerated Carolina’s adoption of virtual global education opportunities, such as virtual study, research, and internship programs. The presenters will share the benefits of these virtual experiences and the opportunities available.

Career Services professionals are dedicated to an important cause —helping students choose, prepare for, and attain personally rewarding careers. NACE’s Principles for Ethical Professional Practice are designed to provide everyone involved in the career development and employment process with two basic precepts on which to base their efforts: maintain a recruitment process that is fair and equitable; and support informed and responsible decision making by candidates. During this session, together we will explore strategies and practices to establish a common framework within a decentralized career services context for an ethical professional approach to the delivery of career services.

NOTE: you do not have to attend a workshop in order to attend consequent lunchtime check-in; recordings will continue to be available, but are not required watching prior to attending lunchtime check-ins

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Advance Your Career!


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