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C3 Newsletter
Carolina Career Community
April 2022

Nominate Your Colleagues!

Help us recognize our career counseling and employer relations professionals for the outstanding work done from the 2021-2022 academic year up through the present!  Award categories include: Best Practices/Innovation Award, Distinguished Diversity Initiative, and Outstanding Career Practitioner of the Year.  Past award recipients include: 2020: Brandy Arellano, Amy Blackburn, Sandra Chandler; 2019: Sarah Crocket, Sheena Jacobs, Tamara Taylor & Jayne Davis.  Nominate a colleague by May 1!

Dr. Nadia Korobova Recipient of NCCDA 2022 Outstanding Professional Award

Dr. Nadia Korobova, Associate Director, Employer Engagement & Recruiting, Career & Leadership for MBA & Alumni, C3 Chair, is the recipient of NCCDA 2022 Outstanding Professional Award.  This award recognizes either a mid-level professional or a new program; it recognizes individuals with 5+ years in the profession who consistently and significantly contributes to the career development profession through dedicated service to their clients or students, mentorship and support for fellow career professionals, and a personal commitment to staying current with new research and best practices in the field.  Congratulations!

Share Your Updates!

Have you created or piloted a new course or a workshop recently?  Have you engaged with an unusual or a highly desirable employer?  Have you received a professional award or presented at a conference?  Please, share any updates with the C3 committee to be shared in the C3 newsletter!

Tell Your Students!

  • Opportunities for students are coming back in Fall 2022!


Mark Your Calendars!

Student Life & Leadership (SLL) is creating and implementing leadership development opportunities that range from asynchronous independent leadership learning experiences to high-impact multi-day and year experiences. This includes leadership through a range of perspectives that range NACE Career Readiness Competencies, deconstructing/reconstructing meaning, to positive social change.  C3 community members are invited to engage in an interactive learning experience around how SLL’s work is expanding on campus.  Presenter: Brian Lackman.

NOTE: you do not have to attend a workshop in order to attend consequent lunchtime check-in; recordings will continue to be available, but are not required watching prior to attending lunchtime check-ins

More Professional Development Opportunities!

Advance Your Career!

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