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Carolina Career Community
February 2022

Tell Your Students!

The Office of the Vice Provost for Global Affairs is partnering with the American College of National Security Leaders (ACNSL) on a Spring 2022 pilot program to offer students access to a diverse group of senior-level foreign affairs practitioners. This pilot is designed to support UNC-Chapel Hill undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in pursuing careers in national security and related fields, especially those enrolled in related coursework or degree programs such as peace, war & defense; global studies; TransAtlantic Masters; and area and language studies.


Mark Your Calendars!

Join us to hear from a recent UNC graduate and a corporate recruiter as we discuss what both students and employers are looking for when virtual interviewing. Zoom interviews are not going away anytime soon so let’s explore how to best prepare our students in this virtual environment.

Sponsors: Student-Athlete Development and the Career Team of the Undergraduate Business Program

Career Services professionals are dedicated to an important cause —helping students choose, prepare for, and attain personally rewarding careers. NACE’s Principles for Ethical Professional Practice are designed to provide everyone involved in the career development and employment process with two basic precepts on which to base their efforts: maintain a recruitment process that is fair and equitable; and support informed and responsible decision making by candidates. During this session, together we will explore strategies and practices to establish a common framework within a decentralized career services context for an ethical professional approach to the delivery of career services.

NOTE: you do not have to attend a workshop in order to attend consequent lunchtime check-in; recordings will continue to be available, but are not required watching prior to attending lunchtime check-ins

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