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C3 Newsletter
Carolina Career Community
August 2021

Tell Your Students!

Mark Your Calendars!

The C3 planning committee is trying something different this Fall.  We will follow each workshop with a theme-based lunchtime check-in. For example, if we offer a workshop on the topic of LinkedIn Trends, the next lunchtime check-in would provide a place to do our usual check-in, and also further discuss the topic of LinkedIn Trends.  However, you do not have to attend the initial workshop in order to join the consequent lunchtime check-in, and you may join the conversation either way.  Recordings of all C3 sessions will continue to be available, but are not required watching for our check-ins. Stay tuned for upcoming Fall workshops, lunchtime check-ins and Fall conference dates!

More Professional Development Opportunities!

Advance Your Career!

Assistant Director, MAC Career Services, application deadline 8/25/21


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